Friday, 4 September 2015

The Start of Something New

Good morning/afternoon/evening/middleofthenight,

My name is Kate. I am 23 years old. I have a cat called Eta. I have had chronic renal failure since the age of three. A disease I have suffered with for almost four years until my Mum (aka. my hero) gave me a kidney, which lasted for a blissful 12 years. Unfortunately this was not to last and sadly the kidney rejected on 21st January, 2012 and that is where my story begins.

I have considered starting a blog for many years (and actually did but I forgot the name... and password... and location. Second time's a charm) and the time, now, feels right. On a daily basis, people say to me how well I cope with my disease, how well I look, how strong a person I am.

But am I, really?

I have never been allowed to feel sorry for myself, that just wasn't an option. My parents always told me how lucky I was and I very much am. It is my hope that this blog will inspire people to be more pos
itive about life and realise how lucky they are because there are people out there going through a lot, lot worse than you - a fact that I was cruelly reminded of at the hospital only yesterday. 

I also want to make people feel free, to not be held down by an illness. I have never been encouraged by my nurses/doctors to go on holiday, probably because they think I shouldn't or that I'm ill so I can't but that is sooo the opposite of what I believe. I have always gone on holiday and I have been very fortunate
in that respect. Whilst on peritoneal dialysis I travelled to Portugal, Florida and all over Europe with my family. During my time having a transplant I travelled to America twice, New Zealand, Hong Kong and, again, all over Europe. Now, since my transplant failed, I have been to Italy, France, Holland and Austria. Sadly not international though... yet! 

I have big plans to travel more and I won't let dialysis stop me. I plan to move to London next year and start my MSc in Communications after I finish my current degree which has taken me three years longer than it should of because of my health issues. The key is to never give up and be as determined as you can. 


Kate x


  1. Now you have done Europe how about a hop skip and jump to Bath .. We could do with your sunshine here... Most ssed you at sandend. Annex

    1. That would be great!! Where is the nearest hospital to you that would do dialysis? I have only been to Bath once but I didn't really get to see it. Would be good to come down xx

  2. Hello Kate. It's nice to see someone on dialysis travelling and enjoying life! I too am on dialysis. I dialyze at home 5 nights a week from 4 - 8 hours per run. This allows me to continue working full time and travel too! I have been to the UK, the States and other parts of Canada. (I live in Canada) It's expensive paying for treatment though as in Canada, my insurance only pays for a portion of the cost. Does the coverage in England pay for dialysis abroad in full?

  3. You inspired me with your bravness. Doing also dialysis for ten yrs and never traveled.

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