Sunday, 4 March 2018

Back in the Swing of Things

For the last two years, almost to the day, I have been somewhat of a... recluse. I think that is fair to say.
And here's why...
Two years ago, on January 26th, a beautiful soul somewhere donated her organs and I received a gift that has changed my life which makes me Dialysis Girl on Tour no more (does a little dance!). I am now Transplant Girl - Take Two - on Tour but that is much too big a name to have, I feel.
In later posts I will talk a lot more about what happened during my time in hospital and what has happened since. All the juicy details I know all you lovely people like to read. For now, however, I am going to start off nice and light to get back into the swing of things for me and, also, to ease you all in gently before things get gory again!
I thought I would start off where I ended things last time, with a post I did not get round to publishing. It is also about being kind to people which, right now in the world, is more needed than ever.
So... here goes. Dialysis Girl on Tour, but actually Transplant Girl - Take Two - on Tour, take two. Phew!!!
"Fit an Affa Fine Quine"
(English Translation from Doric - What a Lovely Girl)
I massively believe in Karma. If you do good then positive things will happen in your life.
This is a short story about a little person who, to me, did a big thing.
Four and a half years ago my beautiful cousin married the man of her dreams in Edinburgh.  I was, like, majorly excited - I absolutely LOVE a wedding especially when it is a relation. I come from quite an extensive family so when we all come together at events, like a wedding, it's the Scottish equivalent of Hajj!!

At the time of the wedding I had been back on dialysis for just over a year and a half and was still struggling with some of the side effects of the treatment. I had also recently been told that I would have to re-sit one of my modules again for university and basically do second year for a third time so I was feeling a little.... disheartened.

Before the wedding ceremony took place, several family members gathered together in one of our rented apartments to take pictures, re-connect, chat about what their children were now doing, you know, the usual thing. Then my cousin, one of the many, came up to me and said "did you know J (the cousin in question's daughter) wrote about you for her class project?". Stunned at the sort-of-random statement, I shook my head.
"Yes. She had to write about an inspirational person and she wrote about you".
Trying to hold back the tears I said thank you and spoke about how wonderful J was, and still is (both then and now), and how grateful I felt.

You may think that is was just a school essay but to me it was so much more. To have affected someone in that way is such a glorious thing. To this day I still get a warm fuzzy feeling whenever I think about it.
The Karma I am talking about is for J. The little girl who made someone who was a bit down feel very, very happy and loved.
Recently, and this is speaking from the present day, I was in Costco buying a few bits a bobs, walking around with my pizza slice in hand, looking for the free samples cause really, that's the only reason you buy the membership! That and family sized bags of sweet potato fries.
Anyway, I digress.
During my walk I suddenly needed to pee - cause I can do that now!! - so off I go to the loo. While sitting there I thought I heard crying coming from one of the cubicles. I stayed there longer to see if I could hear more after everyone else had left. After washing my hands a lady came out of the end cubicle who had obviously been crying for whatever reason. Her English wasn't great but I asked if she was ok. In her broken English she muffled out a "yes" and I instantly gave her a hug.
I have been there. I have needed a hug from someone, anyone, when I have felt sad and alone. I have been the person sobbing in the toilets for various reasons. Mostly because my feet are sore but the shoes were so pretty I had to buy them in the 3 even though I'm a solid 4/5 (boyfriend, take notes!!!)
After about 30 seconds I let go and told her everything was going to be ok before I left. I do not know who she was, where she came from or what had happened. All I know is that at that moment she just needed someone to be kind to her.
No matter how small a gesture is, whether it be a smile, a compliment about your hair, a hug or a chat with a glass of wine (bottle),  it's the tiny things that make such a difference. You can change someone's whole day and even their outlook on life by just being nice, even if it is to a complete stranger.
Peace and love everyone. 
Till next time,
Kate x
P.S. Wherever you are Costco loo lady, I hope you're doing OK.



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